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Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Weather - vocabulary

The Weather

The condition of the atmosphere over a particular area is called the weather.
The Weather


Rain: drops of water that fall from clouds. A single drop of rain is called a raindrop. The total amount of rain is calledrainfall. Rain can include:
  • Deluge: a sudden large amount of rain
  • Downpour: a heavy rain in a short time
  • Drizzle: a rain that falls in light drops
  • Hail: balls of ice that fall from the sky. Each of the balls of ice is called a hailstone.
  • Shower: a short period of rain
  • Sleet: partly frozen falling rain
  • Monsoon: heavy rain that falls in S Asia in the summer
  • Snow: soft, white pieces (called snowflake) of water ice that falls from clouds.

Rain can cause:
  • Flood: a large amount of water covering land which is usually dry.
  • Puddle: a small amount of water on the ground


A natural movement of air as a result of atmospheric pressure is call wind. Wind can include:
  • Breeze: a light and gentle wind
  • Crosswind: a wind that is blowing across the direction of travel of a person or vehicle
  • Easterly: a wind that is blowing from the east
  • Northerly: a wind that is blowing from the north
  • Gale: a very strong wind
  • Gust: a sudden blast of wind
  • Headwind: a wind that is blowing against the direction of travel of a vehicle
  • Tailwind: a wind that is blowing in the same direction of travel of a vehicle
  • Sirocco: a hot wind that comes from the Sahara Desert to southern Europe


A severe weather condition with strong wind, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning is called storm. Storm can include:
  • Blizzard: a severe snowstorm
  • Cyclone: a powerful tropical storm rotating in a circular direction
  • Hurricane: a rapidly rotating storm, that occurs especially in the West Atlantic Ocean
  • Thunderstorm: a storm with thunder and lightning and sometimes heavy rain and strong winds
  • Tornado (twister): a dangerous spinning cone-shape column of air

Difference between tornado and twister

The term used by meteorologists
Slang for tornado

  • Typhoon: a tropical cyclone that occurs especially in the West Pacific Ocean


The area above the surface of the Earth is called the sky. The sky can include:
  • The Sun: the star that gives the earth heat and light. 
  • Cloud: a grey or white mass of water in the sky. 
  • Fog: water droplets that form a thick cloud in the air above the land or the sea, reducing visibility.
  • Mist: thin fog that occurs when humid air cools rapidly.
  • Rainbow: a multicolored arch appearing in the sky when the sun shines through rain

Adjectives that describe the weather

  • Rainy: with a lot of rain
  • Warm: with comfortably high temperature; not hot or cold
  • Cold: with a very low temperature
  • Cloudy: with a lot of cloud
  • Clear: without cloud
  • Sunny: with a lot of sunlight
  • Stormy: with strong wind, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning
  • Misty: with a lot of mist
  • Foggy: with a lot of fog
  • Breezy: with strong winds
  • Windy: with a lot of wind
  • Showery: with light rain
  • Frosty: cold with frost
  • Chilly: too cold
  • Snowy: with a lot of snow
  • Icy: extremely cold; covered with ice
  • Drizzly: with light rain
  • Dry: without moisture
  • Overcast: with a lot of clouds
  • Wet: covered with water

Sentence examples:

The sun is shining.
The wind is blowing.
The rain is falling
It’s thundering.
It’s a foggy day.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge celebrate St. Patrick's day

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are braving ferocious winds and chilly conditions to celebrate St Patrick's Day today by attending a parade of the Irish Guards.
Prince William, who is Colonel of the Irish Guards, and the Duchess are visiting the 1st Battalion at their base in Hounslow, west London.
They watched 350 soldiers arrive on the Parade Square before presenting traditional shamrocks to officers and guardsmen.

St. Patrick's Day | Shaun the Sheep - River Dance video

Shaun and the flock pay tribute to the River Dance in this short clip made for TV!


English ST. PATRICK'S DAY Words - video with subtitles

Friday, 16 March 2018