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Sunday, 26 April 2015


Move your legs, move them up and down
Move your arms, move them up and down
Move them all around
Move them all around and around
then you FREEZE
Move your legs, move them up and down
Move your arms, move them up and down
Move them all around
Move them then you FREEZE
Wave your arms
Wave them super slow
Lift your legs
Lift them super slow
Go crazy going round and around
Then you FREEZE

Thursday, 23 April 2015

St George's Day 2015: Five very English things that are not actually English

It is St George's Day and the nation is celebrating its Englishness. But here are five quintessentially English things which have origins that may surprise you

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Here are five examples:

Fish & chips

The quintessential English fast food, what could be more English than picking up a portion from the chippie on a Friday? But fried fish was actually introduced into Britain by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain…
  • A spot of polo
Is anything more English than rubbing shoulders with the high-rollers at a polo match at the height of summer? Yet English plantation owners actually learned polo from locals in the Indian state of Assam in the 19th century…

A nice cuppa tea

We all know the English love a good cuppa! A lot of people know that tea was first grown in China, which was then taken to India by the British. But did you know that the tea bag was accidently invented by a New York tea merchant? In the very early 1900s, Thomas Sullivan sent his customers samples of tea in silken bags. Rather than emptying the tea from the bag, some assumed they should be used in the same way as metal infusers and consequently, the tea bag was born…

The good old pub

Long have the British population relished a pint in the local pub but it was after the arrival of the Romans, and the Roman road network, that inns began to appear where a passer-by could enjoy a refreshing beverage…

And Saint George

Believe it or not, even Saint George himself was born abroad! Although historians have argued the Roman’s soldiers place of birth for over a century, it is believed that that Saint George was born to a Greek Christian noble family in Syria…

Big Ben - listening comprehension exercise

Click on the picture and... have fun!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Corruption - Time to wake up

Corruption in various forms seems to be running rampant all over the world. Relatively new nations encounter it in their struggle to build a fair society. Long-established countries face it while trying to maintain a working society. Public servants helping out those who grease their palms, large companies doing everything to get ahead – even if it means ignoring laws and people’s lives - in the short run bribery just favours one over another. Deplorably it is always the wealthy over the poor.

Monday, 20 April 2015